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Geisenheim is known as a wine town, school town, city cathedral city and Linde city. At the exit to Rudesheim, the lovely “Villa Mon Repos” was built from 1861-1863/73. The associated orchards were later the foundation for the now world-famous research institute for wine, fruit and horticulture. The 700 years of lime in the marketplace of Geisenheim is the center of the Linde festival.

“Nothing more beautiful can be found as Geisenheimer Lindenfest.”

Visible from a distance the silhouette of the crowned Johannisberg is above the Rheingau. How small garlands vineyard rows run uphill this center, the castle of Johannisberg. Mainzer Benedictines founded here in 1100 and created the first Rheingau monastery one of the first pilot plants of the Rheingau wine-growing. The 18th Century castle had built such well-known owners such as Prince William of Orange, Napoleon, Emperor Franz I. of Austria and Prince Clemens von Metternich. brought the poet Heinrich Heine and wine lovers to the point:

“If I had so much faith in me that I could move mountains! Johannisberg would be just the mountain I could follow me everywhere.”

Through the wooded valley of the Elster stream meanders, the road to the pilgrimage Marienthal.. In Rheingau Rheingau find events taking place every season around the wine.

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  • City Rüdesheim: 3,5km
  • Loreley: 20km
  • Castle Schloss Johannisberg: 3km
  • Rhine river: 3km
  • Monastery Kloster Eberbach: 10km
  • Castle Schloss Vollrads: 5km
  • Brandy Tasting Asbach: 3km
  • Leisure Park Taunus-Wunderland: 20km
  • Niederwald monument: 5km
  • Winemuseum Brömserburg: 5km
  • Word Heritage Rhinevalley: 5km
  • City Mainz or Wiesbaden: 20km
  • Koblenz, Deutsches Eck: 50km
  • Airport Frankfurt

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